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Gloria J. Pinsker, Artist

What greater tribute can you pay your loved ones than to have their image captured in a beautiful work of art? Whether the painting will be of a person or a pet (or both together), a portrait is a treasure which, if given proper care, will endure for generations.

My portraits are not computer-enhanced photographs or digital art, but are drawn and painted freehand in the traditional fine-art manner. Photography and fine art both have their own unique merits and characteristics, but a painted portrait has a look and charm that is uniquely different from a photographic representation. If you are the type of person who cares about the finer things in life, you will appreciate this important distinction.

My goal is to create a work of art that will help you celebrate the special bond between you and a beloved relative, friend, or animal companion. You can commission a portrait of an adult, child, animal, or any combination of these. I work from personal observation (whenever possible) and photographic references. If you live too far for me to take my own reference photos, I can work from yours, as long as they are clear, well-lighted and contain enough detail.

If the subject is deceased, a beautiful memorial (posthumous) portrait can be done, provided you have suitable photographs for reference. This is a very moving and wonderful way to celebrate the life of your loved one and pay tribute to their memory. The dog portrait shown on this page is an example of a memorial portrait that was done from the owner’s clear photo. You can read more details about it in the Gallery.

Do you have a cherished vintage photo, black-and-white or color, that you would like turned into a work of art? This can be done, provided the photos are clear, in focus, and contain enough detail.

A portrait can be rendered in your choice of medium: colored pencil, pastel, acrylic, or graphite pencil, as explained below. Each medium has its own special charm, and with proper care will give you a lovely work of art that will last for many years. I use only fine-quality artists’ materials, and each portrait is given careful and loving attention. You also have a choice of having the portrait done in full color, three-tone, white on black, or monochrome. In the Gallery you will see examples of each. If you are unsure about which options to choose, contact me and I will help you decide based upon your photos, your preferences and your budget.

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This is a monochromatic portrait, drawn on fine-quality artist’s paper, Bristol board, mat-board, or illustration board. Graphite portraits can be strikingly beautiful in their simplicity, and are a great budget-friendly option. Must be matted and framed under glass.  


Colored pencils are pure color pigment mixed with a binder (wax, oil, or a combination of both). They are extremely versatile and can be used to create a beautiful painting* that rivals the look of oil or acrylic paint, depending on the technique. The colored pencils I use are not the same as those made for children, which contain a lot of wax and very little color pigment. I use pencils produced by well-respected manufacturers of fine materials for professional artists. Colored pencil paintings* must be matted and framed under glass.


Pastels are pure color pigment, mixed with a binder, in stick form. Pastel paintings* have a beautiful, velvety quality and richness of color. Pastels are one of the most permanent of all the media, if given proper framing and care. They must be matted and framed under glass.


An acrylic painting can look very much like an oil painting, depending on the technique used. Many times it is difficult for the viewer to tell the difference between the two. However, unlike oil paint, acrylic does not require the lengthy drying times that oil paint requires, and so can be completed more quickly than an oil painting. Acrylic is lightfast and permanent when given proper care.

Your acrylic portrait can be painted on unstretched canvas, stretched canvas, or “gallery wrapped” canvas. The painting does not have to be framed under glass. Unstretched canvas is much less expensive to ship, as it can be rolled and mailed in a tube. “Gallery wrap” stretched canvas has no staples visible on the edges, so that if you wish you do not have to use a frame at all – the edges of the canvas will be painted to coordinate with the rest of the painting. This is a look that some people prefer, especially with modern decor; however, if you like the traditional look, you probably will prefer to have it framed. 

*When color pigment of any kind is used in a way that is applied thickly and covers most of the paper surface, it is considered a painting, as opposed to a drawing, which contains little or no color pigment and has much more of the paper surface showing.

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